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100+ Unique and Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas for All Budgets

Looking for a wedding gift that isn't a set of fancy plates that'll never get used? This list has you covered!

We're sharing more than 100 creative wedding gift ideas that will fit any budget and delight any couple.

Whether the soon-to-be newlyweds have opted for no gift registry or you'd like to add an additional personal touch to an item off their list, start with the many wedding gift ideas below. Happy shopping!

Affordable Wedding Presents

You don't have to spend a huge chunk of change to give something meaningful to the happy couple. Some awesome low-budget items include:

Tip: One creative way to make a budget gift work well is to ask other attendees (especially those blessed with larger budgets) what they are gifting. If you know someone is giving a grill, for example, you could then choose a matching utensil set or grill-cleaning kit—ensuring that even a smaller gift goes well with the couple's needs.

Bigger-Budget Wedding Gifts

If you have a little more to spend on the happy couple, consider one of these bigger-ticket items!

  • Furniture*
  • Roomba
  • Nice camera
  • GoPro
  • Amazon Echo
  • Nitro cold brew maker
  • High-quality mattress
  • Smart doorbell
  • Drone
  • Food dehydrator
  • Landscaping services for their new home
  • Automatic pet feeder
  • Hobby gear—fishing, camping, top-of-car storage, quality workout clothes, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances—stand mixer, pasta maker, bread maker, espresso maker, etc.
  • Outdoor grill
  • High-quality travel luggage

*Large items like furniture or appliances are not recommended unless you know the bride(s) and/or groom(s) very well. You not only need to know their aesthetic taste but also how large their living space will be and what type of furniture they'd want and need.

Tip: If you're going to give a large item as a wedding gift, you should definitely consider including a gift receipt. While the couple might appreciate your gift, it may not be practical in their home—or they may honestly need the cash more than the luxury item.

Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas

Traditional wedding gifts tend to revolve around the home and include basic but well-made items that will stand the test of time. Here are some great wedding gift ideas in this vein:

  • Kitchenware—dining sets, quality knives, pot and pan sets, etc.
  • Serving tray
  • Cocktail set
  • Dutch oven
  • Cast-iron skillet
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Crystal drinkware
  • Crystal vases
  • Custom coasters
  • Meat carving set
  • High-quality casserole dishes
  • Spice set
  • Bedsheets and linens
  • Decorative pillows
  • Bathroom linens

Along with traditional wedding gifts, did you know that there are also traditional anniversary gifts for every year? Get some ideas for the best anniversary gifts by year.

Tip: If you have strong national or cultural traditions around weddings, you could also consider giving a gift that has some kind of cultural significance to you! As long as you feel comfortable doing so, sharing your own culture can be really meaningful to the happy couple.

Quirky Gifts for a Quirky Couple

For soon-to-be-married couples who love a laugh, a clever pun, or an unexpected joke, these creative wedding gift ideas are the perfect choice.

Tip: If you aren't sure what the happy couple might like, don't be afraid to ask their friends and family. You might discover some particularly creative or clever ideas that you'd never otherwise think of on your own.

Personalized Wedding Presents

Personalized gifts are an amazing option if you know the couple well. (If not…then you may be gifting them something that gets stuck in a closet and can't be donated or repurposed easily!)

Pretty much anything from the wedding gift lists above can be personalized, but here are a few more ideas to consider:

Tip: Since personalized wedding gifts are basically impossible to return, you might want to just directly ask the couple what kind of item they'd like best. Sure, it takes away a bit of the surprise factor…but it will ensure that your present is loved for years to come. We'd say that's a worthwhile trade-off!

Experience-Based Wedding Gifts

For couples who already have the home goods they need—or for gift-givers who just don't want to give another household item—these experience-based gifts offer a terrific alternative. By choosing one of these wedding gift ideas, you're giving a double gift: a one-time experience plus a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Consider experiential wedding gifts like:

  • Museum membership
  • Local theater tickets
  • Cooking classes
  • Board games
  • Art or music classes
  • Massage gift card
  • Gym membership
  • Gift certificate for their favorite travel site—Airbnb, VRBO, etc.
  • Sports lessons
  • Pet training classes
  • Dance lessons

Tip: These days, many couples will specifically choose wedding gift registries that allow for experience-based gifts, especially for their honeymoon. Check out the couple's registry to see if you can purchase them an experience they've specifically requested.

Gifts for a Second Wedding

If this is not the bride and groom's first wedding, they probably already have the items they need and want around the house. It might be a good idea to skip the "necessary" stuff and go for something unnecessary—something purely fun, decorative, or even luxurious!

We love these second wedding present ideas:

Tip: If the couple has young kids, you could also give the gift of babysitting. Let the happy couple take some time to themselves by offering to watch the kids or paying for their membership in a babysitting app or service.

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Your Kids

Last but not least, we're sharing some wedding gift ideas for your kids! When your children are the ones getting married, you have an extra opportunity to give something deep and meaningful. Here are some possibilities to consider:

  • Family heirlooms
  • Modern family tree
  • Handwritten notes from the whole family
  • Video montage from family members around the world
  • Digitized file of childhood home videos
  • Vintage linens or houseware
  • Printed photo album
  • Book of family traditions
  • Recipes passed down through the generations
  • Journal or mementos from your own childhood
  • Custom-etched cutting board with a family recipe

That's it! If you've combed through the whole list above and still aren't sure what to give, remember that you can never go wrong with a gift card. The point isn't to give the world's best wedding present—it's simply to show the happy couple how much you care.

P.S. Don't forget to send a thoughtful card to go along with your handpicked wedding gift. Browse Foxdog's wedding cards, and we'll send it directly to the happy couple as soon as today.

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