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Birthday Flower Arrangements and Fun Floral Alternatives

Whether for your mother, friend, or significant other, fresh flowers are always a terrific way to say, "Happy birthday!"

Check out our suggested resources below, and you'll discover tons of options for bringing floral delight and vibrant greenery to your loved one's special day. (Fear not—green thumb not required!)

Buying Flower Arrangements for a Birthday

There's no shortage of options when it comes to buying flowers for a birthday, each of which has its own pros and cons.

Online Flower Shops

Some of the most popular online flower shops include:

Pros : The biggest advantages of online flower shops are the ordering timeline and the selection. You can often place last-minute birthday orders—even for same-day delivery—and you can browse images of what's in stock to choose the perfect birthday arrangement.

Cons : For many people, the most significant drawback to purchasing from an online flower store is the price. Many of these online shops actually work with local flower vendors in your area, marking up the cost to cover their own expenses. You could likely save a significant amount of money by purchasing locally.

Local Flower Shops

The availability of local flower shops will depend on where you live, but you almost certainly have at least one or two options! In addition to dedicated floral shops, you can check grocery stores and convenience stores near you.

Pros : It's typically pretty easy to find a flower shop or corner store along your regular daily route. By buying your flowers locally, you can see them before paying (ensuring the quality is good), and you can more easily customize the bouquet by working with the florist. You can also grab small gifts to go along with the bouquet, such as a bottle of wine or some candy.

Cons : Not all floral shops offer delivery if that's important to you, and if you need the flowers quickly, then you'll be limited to what the shop has on hand for that particular day.

DIY Birthday Flower Arrangement

If you'd like to do a little foraging (or if you're a skilled gardener or floral arranger yourself), consider one of these DIY flower arrangements instead:

  • Pick wildflowers from a local park (if regulations allow!).
  • Pick weeds and wildflowers from your backyard—great for letting little kids take part in the birthday festivities!
  • Buy individual flowers from a local shop and create your own arrangement.
  • Buy fresh herb sprigs and make a mini herbal bouquet.
  • Purchase a flower bouquet but add your own creative DIY touches, like a fresh cabbage base or freshly cut citrus fruits.

Additional Tip: Consider Pets!

Wherever you source your birthday flower arrangement, it's a good idea to keep one thing in mind—and that's whether or not the birthday boy or girl has a pet. Many common flowers and household pets are actually toxic to cats and dogs, which would certainly put a damper on the birthday celebrations.

Keep an eye out for common pet-toxic flowers such as:

  • Tulips
  • Lilies
  • Sago palms
  • Oleanders
  • Poinsettias
  • Pothos (AKA monsters)
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Azaleas
  • Hyacinths

10 More Creative Ideas for Your Birthday Flower Arrangement

1. Gift traditional birthday month flowers.

Did you know that every birth month has a traditional flower associated with it? Choose your loved one's birth month to give added seasonal flair to their birthday:

  • January : Carnation
  • February : Violet
  • March : Daffodil
  • April : Daisy
  • May : Lily of the Valley
  • June : Rose
  • July : Water Lily
  • August : Poppy
  • September : Morning Glory
  • October : Marigold
  • November : Chrysanthemum
  • December : Holly

2. Give a living plant instead.

A birthday bouquet will look beautiful for a week or so, but then what? For a longer-lasting way to gift greenery, consider giving a live plant instead. Some fabulous options include:

  • Succulents

  • Cacti

  • Air plants
  • Easy indoor plants like pothos (AKA "monster" or "devil's ivy")
  • Easy indoor flowers like African violets or geraniums

Keep in mind that this may not be the best gift for a friend who's known to kill every green thing they've ever tried to keep alive. Or if they hate gardening!

3. Theme your flower arrangement.

Just like a birthday party, birthday flower arrangements can be easily spruced up with just a bit of theme. Here are a few examples:

  • Choose only flowers in the birthday boy or girl's favorite color.
  • Stick with in-season flowers for a classic seasonal feel.
  • Buy some cheap party supplies—like cake toppers—and stick them into the bouquet.
  • Sprinkle some candy bars or other sweet treats into the arrangement.

4. Do a whole year of flowers.

If it's in your budget, why stop at just one month of flowers? Instead, you can gift an entire year of flowers through a convenient monthly subscription service like

5. Create a candy bouquet.

For people who just aren't into plants (hard to believe, but they do exist!), consider gifting a candy bouquet instead. You can buy a premade one on Etsy or make your own by hitting the grocery store and stocking up.

6. Go paper!

Paper bouquets are all the rage on the internet these days, and there are some seriously impressive paper flower artists out there. The biggest pro of a paper bouquet is, of course, the flowers will never wilt or die.

Not so crafty? If you want to DIY but don't quite have the artistic ability to totally do it from scratch, try one of these ready-made paper flower kits from Paper Source.

7. Combine the card and the flowers.

This creative birthday card unfolds to create a 3D paper bouquet of wildflowers that will never wilt, need watering, or die.

8. Create adorable mini bouquets.

Another fun idea is to create several mini flower bouquets rather than one big birthday arrangement. You could even surprise the birthday boy or girl by sprinkling them throughout their home or office, brightening their day wherever they go.

9. Give a birthday flower wreath.

For a floral arrangement you can see from the curb, consider giving a birthday wreath! It'll still have that flowerly feel but can be hung on the wall for everyone to enjoy. You can create a wreath of fresh flowers, or purchase one made of faux flowers for a longer-lasting gift.

10. Gift the green!

If you're still not sure about the right flower bouquet, remember that you can't go wrong with cash. This creative birthday bouquet comes with 36 one-dollar-bills folded into the shape of roses. You can also increase the denomination to any amount you want.

What Else Goes Well with Birthday Flowers?

For some final birthday flower ideas, round out your gift with some of these fabulous add-ons:

  • A nice vase or basket
  • Indoor plant supplies, like fertilizer or a watering can
  • Some birthday balloons
  • Candy
  • Home-baked birthday sweets
  • A birthday card

Bonus points if you add an awesomely floral-inspired pun or saying to your birthday card:

Have a BUNCH of fun on your birthday!

It's your birthday, and we're all rooting for you!

If you were a flower, I'd pick you. Happy birthday!

Be-LEAF me when I say you deserve the very best birthday!

You grow girl (or guy). Happy birthday!

Thistle be the best birthday ever!

Happy birthday! It's thyme to party.

We'd say that now you have a veritable bouquet of options for your birthday flower arrangement. Good luck finding the perfect floral delight for the birthday boy or girl!

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